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George Kita is an experienced and dedicated juvenile trial attorney who has successfully handled more than 1000 juvenile cases. He previously worked as a juvenile deputy district attorney assigned to the District Attorneys Juvenile Branch. He has successfully represented children accused of crimes ranging from hate crimes, assault and battery, car jacking, car theft, armed robbery, drug possession and sales, DUI, rape, robbery, molestation and murder.

He received his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Cal State Los Angeles in 1988.

At Cal State L.A., he received the highest Criminal Justice Achievement award, the Rosalyn Jung and Mayor Jack Tyrell scholarships. 

Mr. Kita is the only California Juvenile Defense Lawyer to receive the "Criminal Justice Leadership Award" from the California Contract Cities Association.

Mr. Kita is the only California Juvenile Defense Attorney to have received the prestigious "Criminal Justice Leadership" award from the California Contract Cities Association, representing mayors councilmembers and city managers from 72 California cities that contract for police services with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. This was a major awards ceremony presided by former Los Angeles County Sheriff Sherman Block and former Assistant Sheriff Dr. Howard H. Earle.

Mr. Kita graduated from University of California Hastings College of the Law, ranked top 20 in the nation law school.

He received his law degree from the University of California , Hastings College of Law in 1991, during which the university was ranked top 20 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.  During law school he worked at the California Attorney General's Office criminal division and was a judicial extern to the Honorable Presiding Justice Harry Low of the California Court of Appeals.

Elected Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley,
and Juvenile Trial Attorney George Kita. (Copyright 2004-2014)

He was twice selected "Trial Deputy" of the month at the Orange County District Attorney's Juvenile Division for having completed the most juvenile trials. He also taught an MCLE (minimum continuing legal education) course to the District Attorney's Juvenile Division on the subject of prosecuting juvenile passengers in a stolen car.

He also served as an instructor for a POST (Peace Officers Standard and Training) certified class that he taught to members of the police and Sheriffs Department.

As a product of the Juvenile Court System, he knows how important it is for children to have effective legal representation.

Mr. Kita was declared a "dependency" child by a California Juvenile Court and was placed in a county facility called the Albert Sitton Home, now called Orangewood. As a product of foster homes, he knows how important it is for children to receive effective legal representation. His life and work experience have helped him become a champion of children's rights.

He is the only California Juvenile Attorney to get a child facing home invasion robbery with a firearm declared factually innocent.

Prosecutors filed a fitness petition against a child requesting that he be tried as an adult. The minor was identified by the victims as participating in a home invasion robbery with a firearm. The child was facing 23 years in prison. Mr. Kita was able to show that the police had arrested an innocent child. Mr. Kita saved the child by getting his case dismissed and declared factually innocent. This is one step better than getting a case dismissed.

He has been selected "Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyer" in the state of California

Mr. Kita was awarded by The National Trial Lawyers as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer and the American Society of Legal Advocates selected Mr. Kita as a Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyer.

He is a nationally published author on "Juvenile Defense Strategies," a Thomson Reuters Business.

Thompson-Reuters is the one of the largest legal publishers in the world. Mr. Kita authored a chapter in a nationally published legal book, Juvenile Defense Strategies. He is one of nine juvenile defense lawyers in the United States selected to author this national legal publication.

He is a well respected Juvenile Lawyer who is sought out on a regular basis to speak to children at Juvenile Court, Juvenile Probation Camps and other major institutions.

For the past seven years, Mr. Kita has been a regular speaker to children facing delinquency cases at the Los Padrinos Juvenile Court. He has spoken on more than 35 occasions to youth.

He is the only juvenile defense lawyer who has spoken to youth at Camp Scudder, Camp Scott in the City of Santa Clarita, Camp Rocky in San Dimas, Camp Page and Camp Afflerbaugh in the City of La Verne.

He was a past speaker to the SEIU Local 721 where Mr. Kita and the head public defender of Pomona Juvenile Court led a workshop on how to expunge adult records and seal juvenile records.

He was a past speaker to the Alliance for Children's Rights.

He is the only Juvenile Defense attorney asked to emcee juvenile court functions on regular basis including a luncheon for the Public Defenders 100th Anniversary and juvenile court retirement luncheons.

He is the only California Juvenile Defense Lawyer to receive an award from the Los Angeles County Probation Department

In 2013, Mr. Kita was recognized by the Los Angeles County Probation Department for speaking to youth at the various juvenile halls and camps thru out LA County. As a result of receiving the award, the Presiding Judge of the Los Padrinos Juvenile court read into the LA Superior Court record Mr. Kita's accomplishments as stated on the award and ordered a copy of the court transcripts be sent to this office.

Mr. Kita has been recognized for his service to the community by the following city, county, state, and federal elected officals. Most of the awards were for coaching youth sports and for his volunteer work with nonprofit groups.

- California Legislature Assembly Resolution from the Honorable Richard Polanco

- Lieutenant Governor Certificate of Recognition from the Honorable Cruz Bustamante

- State Treasurer, Resolution from the Honorable Phil Angelides

- State Controller, Letter of Commendation from the Honorable Steve Westley

- Governor, Letter of Commendation from the Honorable Arnold Schwarzenneger

- State Senate Certificate of Recognition from the Honorable Bob Margette

- State Senate Certificate of Recognition from the Honorable Art Torres

- State Assembly Certtifcate of Recognition from the Honorable Dennis Mountjoy

- State Assembly Certificate of Recognition from the Honorable Diane Martinez.

- State Assembly Certificate of Recognition from the Honorable Joseph Montoya

- State Assembly Certificate of Recognition from the Honorable Charles Calderon

- L.A. County Board of Supervisors Certificate of Recognition from the Honorable Mike Antonovich

- L.A. Mayor Commendation from the Honorable James Hahn

- L.A. Mayor Commendation from the Honorable Antonio Villaraigosa

- United States Congress Certificate of Recognition from the Honorable Xavier Becerra

- United States Congress Certificate of Recognition from the Honorable David Drier

- California State Court of Appeals, Certificate of Appreciation

- Lions Club, Certificate of Recognition

- Outstanding Young Man of America

- Los Angeles County Probation Department, Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall


Mr. Kita received the highest rating "Superb" by the world's largest peer review directory AVVO and has a perfect five star rating by clients.


He has achieved a successful record defending children. He has provided the very best defense for children.


When choosing a juvenile defense lawyer, review his or her track record. Mr. Kita has a winning track record in juvenile court.


Experience matters. Mr. Kita has 26 years of experience representing children in both juvenile delinquency court and with school expulsion matters. His succesful track record in representing children means that he is the right lawyer for your child. No wonder why many of California's top criminal defense lawyers, teachers, school administrators and members of law enforcement hire Mr. Kita to represent their children. When you need results, don't hire an inexperienced juvenile lawyer. Remember adult court is not the same as adult court.


View his proven successful track record in defending children. This shows that he provides effective legal representation for children.




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You owe it to your child to telephone the Law Offices of George Kita. Do not delay. This is the time to take action to defend your child. We can take immediate steps to help your child. Most criminal defense lawyers spend the majority of their time in adult court and rarely handle juvenile cases. As a result, they lack the experience and knowledge to provide effective legal representation. The rules and procedures are different in juvenile court than adult court. There is no right to a jury trial and no right to bail.


When results matter, hire the best Juvenile Defense Firm in Southern California. You may contact Mr. Kita now for a free consultation. Your child deserves the very best juvenile defense.


Call him at 626-232-0970. You can also email him at juvylawyer@aol.com






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